Privacy Policy

The purpose for using personal information are:

- Confirmation of procedure resign,
- Change of registration information,
- Change of procedure or more information about application for contract & bussines inquires,
- Delivery of present, product and doorprize, questionnaires
- Notice about our service
- Collection and analysis of data to improve our web site, etc.

Personal information that used in our company aimed to confirm application letters, filtering data based on personal information such as resume and job history, schedule and result of interview.

About Cookie

Cookie is a mechanism to save history and input sent and received contents between browser and server when using the web page as a file on your computer.

The information on the cookie allows the server to change the display for each customer when you visit the same page. The website can get cookies from the user browser. And if you allow send & receive cookies in browser settings, privacy protection in your browser only transmit the cookie which the server transmitted and received.

The user is allowed to send & receive cookies by choosing "Allow all cookies", "Reject all cookies", "Notify the user when receiving cookie" etc.

Since the setting depends on the browser, for information cookies setting, please check "Help" in your browser menu. If you choose the setting to reject all cookies, you can not to receive services that require authentication. Please be aware, that may be subject to restrictions on the use of various services on the Internet.

The purpose for using cookies are:

- Check user information when the user logs in to verified service in our service
- Provide customized services for each customer,
- Know contents which the user interested in our website,
- Display the most appropriate advertisement in other company website,
- Statistic and general information of user and traffic in our website,
- Improvement in our website
- Ask to the customers to re-enter passwords (verification) who have passed a certain period of time for the security protection

The advertisements of our company to be handled by trusted partner company, and we will save our cookie via partner companies.

About Change of Privacy Policy

We change our website before going to publish when there is a change such as personal information, purpose of use, other privacy policy, etc. The change of privacy policy will take effect from the revision date is displayed on the our website.